Welcome to Unlimited Membership Benefits Package!

Your Unlimited Membership Online Studio gives you video classes in the same tone and sequence you love in person! Each section explores a kind of movement - like backbending or twisting - exploring poses from these different angles for a fresh experience in each section, with just enough repetition to feel at home and like you're learning.

In addition, receive 2 special targeted series I've used with hundreds of people to facilitate transformation and break through plateaus in sensation and perceived progress when "regular" yoga alone doesn't do the trick.

Finish it off with an extensive library of Yin and Restorative practices to facilitate rest and meditation, and you have a complete set of resources to support your transformation.

I'm available by email for your questions and to request private attention from anywhere in the world. I conduct private online sessions via a very stable video meeting platform, zoom.us.

Learn the finer points of each class of poses in well rounded classes designed to help you feel when you're embodying each pose and not wonder if you're doing it "right." Yoga from the inside out. Relaxation rounds out each session paced for beginners or choose the intermediate class for more challenge.

Yoga on with Unlimited Yoga, Yoga Peeps! See you on the mat _/|\_