Gentler Backbend Class - 50 min

A more gentle back bend class that still creates strong foundations, core connection and open breath and heart.

Grab a block for supported bridge and legs up and a strap for cow faced arms if you use it and an IT band stretch. Grab a blanket if you have difficulty being on your knees for stretches of time or to use behind your knees in virasana (sitting on your heels).

We begin with Yin poses and breath awareness and have a gentle opening with sacral pumps (make 'em plank waves if you want more heat - just lift the knees). We really heat up with zombies, bellow's breath (bhastrika) and then pause for an anchored neck stretch before camel. Work the heat of camel through your system with moving bridge and then get into the outer thighs with an IT stretch. Move it through again with sacral pump. Our backbendy pinnacle is an anjeyanasana (Angel's pose) sequence, with a hip flexor focus, then a strong upright backbend and finally a twist before coming down to counterpose in revolved child's pose. Cow faced pose variation brings both shoulder and outer hip mobility before gentle finishing poses with support.

Do you notice yourself holding your breath during any of these poses? Which one(s)? Does the simple act of noticing help to reconnect you?